“In my 25+ years of real estate experience Maria Xanthakis (Maria X) is the hardest working, most results oriented and focused Real Estate professional that I have come across!”   “I run a multi-million $ organization, I know personnel that deliver … .and conversely people that do not..   Maria is in the first group…the ultimate professional…and I am happy to recommend for her. Good Luck, Maria.” 


“My wife and I just completed the purchase of our “dream” home in Huntington Beach, CA.  This could not have occurred without the professional guidance, support, trust, and knowledge that Maria Xanthakis provided us during our home search.  She was always available to contact and always willing to go “above & beyond” to satisfy our request.  My family and I are VERY HAPPY with the level of service provided by Maria Xanthakis!”


“Maria does an amazing job walking you through the process and is very good with timely updates on where the buyer or seller is throughout the sales cycle.  She is absolutely pleasant to work with and has a great attitude and remains flexible enough to work with all kinds of people (even the nerdy guy in Newport trying to sell a castle house that reeked of smoke and had a panic room).”






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